What Are Virtual Power Plants? (VPP)

Virtual Power Plants (VPP) AKA battery aggregation (or energy sharing) connects batteries in an energy sharing network. VPP’s are a way for households to uncover more benefits from their solar panel PV, battery systems and drive down their energy cost. The easiest way to describe a VPP is renewable clean energy on demand.

One of the few downsides of merging solar energy into the grid is it is sporadic– when it is a cloudy day it can’t be ramped up or down according to demand. The long-established electricity network also isn’t designed to accept and manage large-scale amounts of rooftop solar.

Applauded as the next advancement of solar energy, a VPP is a network of interconnected distributed energy resources (DERs) such as rooftop solar PV and home battery storage that can be centrally overseen and transmitted to provide various services to the grid.

a VPP for lack of better words is  a ‘virtual power station’ that can be utilised to provide the same services as a traditional power station, but without the need for large, centralised generation and storage assets.

It’s a cutting-edge way to get more value out of current solar PV systems and battery storage units, making use of the collective power of Australia’s behind-the-meter energy assets.

Future X Group will soon launch #VPP (Virtual Power Plants) to #QLD, #VIC and #NSW commercial and residential markets. Any eligible customers can access zero-capital solar storage systems.

How does a Virtual Power Plant work?

VPPs assist to balance supply and demand of energy. VPPs connect households and their batteries through networks, these networks manage energy flow and reduce reliance on the main power grid during high peak demand times (such as a hot summers night).

VPPs can prevent retailers high spot prices. When peak events occur, retailers might need to bring on additional capacity and purchase on the highly inflated spot market. VPPs allow retailers to tap into the aggregated capacity of home batteries to meet their needs and avoid these high prices.

These savings can trickle down to the broader community. Ultimately, VPPs enable more reliable use of renewables and with this, deliver cheaper electricity and a more stable network for all Australians.

How VPP Works

How does a Virtual Power Plant work?

What Does Energy Sharing Mean?

Sharing energy has benefits for not only individual and communities but the environment. VPP programs offer difference incentives, some government rebates are available check your state and territory to be sure. To take part in a VPP program, you need to have solar panels and a solar battery installed. Once established, you don’t have to do anything to share energy with the VPP network, however you can track the energy through apps, devices or web-based portals, depending on the program you join.

Joining a VPP is a smart investment. Customers can get a rebate on battery installation, make money providing power to the VPP network, and lower electricity bills – all while making a significant contribution to the advancement of renewable energy in Australia.

Future X Group will soon launch #VPP (Virtual Power Plants) to #QLD, #VIC and #NSW commercial and residential markets. Any eligible customers can access zero-capital solar storage systems.

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