We make clean energy affordable for everyone

At Future X we believe everyone should have access to clean affordable energy. We want to put the power back into our customers hands, however, we understand that the upfront costs of expensive solar solutions are not feasible for all customers.  This is why we offer our customers a fully installed solar solution, with no upfront costs; meaning you get all the benefits of your solar solution and start saving straight away!


Free Solar in 3 simple Steps


We design the solar system to ensure the maximum benefit for you through the term.


The system will be installed by our CEC certified installer, and we only use  top ranked equipment.


You can enjoy the green renewable power with a much lower rate than the grid power.

A Future X PPA means you pay nothing upfront !

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Future X offers Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which is a contract agreement between Future X, who is the provider of the solar system, and you, the customer. Future X pays all the upfront costs for the solar system, including its installation and any maintenance, and for the term of the PPA, owns the system. The customer purchases the electricity that is generated by the solar system from Future X at an affordable rate for the term of the PPA. At the end of the PPA term, as our customer, you have the option to purchase the system from Future X, for as little as $1.

Going Solar is More Affordable than Ever

Choose the right PV system for your home/business


Future X is working towards improving the energy efficiency of commercial and non-commercial buildings, like hotels, shopping centres, office buildings, schools in major cities of Australia. Comprehensive peer-to-peer trading platform enables Future X to provide better electricity services.

74 KW Solar PV and Microgrid Pilot at Cherax Park, Theebine

Located in Theebine, QLD, the 74 KW Solar PV and Microgrid pilot of Future X was a solar-plus-battery system in an aquaculture farm.

100 KW Solar PV and EMS on Manufacturing Plant, Yandina

Located in Yandina, QLD, the 100 KW PV and Energy Management System was installed in a Manufacturing Plant. All data can be accessed via phone App or PC

100kW Solar PV system on Christian Boys College

Based in Adelaide, Christian Boys College offering high-quality Catholic Education. The school secures energy-saving future with a 100KWh system at no upfront cost.

342kW Solar PV system on Western Hospital

Western hospital located in South Australia, with long & successful history of providing medical services invests in renewables with a 342 KWh system.