Commercial PPA

ZERO upfront cost solar solution

Solar PPA is a finance solution for a business to enjoy the benefit of solar at no upfront cost. Through a Solar PPA, the business only needs to buy solar power from Future X Energy at a much lower rate than its electricity retailer. All the hard work including installation, maintenance, and cleaning will be done by Future X Energy. On top of that, at the end of the agreement (usually 10 years), the solar system ownership will transfer to the business.


$0 Upfront Cost

We will design and install a solar system on your premises at zero upfront cost.

Locks in Energy Costs

Your PPA rate is fixed for the term of PPA contract to protect you from price volatility.

Instant Savings

PPA rate is much lower than grid power, you can start the saving from day 1.

Flexible Agreement

No locked-in contracts which means you can cancel and buyout anytime.


We will do all the hard work including maintenance, cleaning, and monitoring during the agreement term.

Free Solar System Ownership

We will transfer the system ownership to you at the end of the term.



We will design and install a solar system on your premises at zero upfront cost.


Electricity generated from the system will be sold to you at a fixed discount rate.


You can save more by selling extra electricity generated back to your retailer.


The PPA rate is much lower than grid power, and it will be fixed for the term of PPA.


Future X Energy will maintain and monitor the solar system for the life of the agreement.


The 4 stars hotel is located in the inner city suburb of Toowong, it offers stylish accommodation and modern facilities. Future X Energy supplied 80kW roof mounted PV system through the power purchase agreement and it is generating more than $20k electricity saving annually.

Western Hospital is a private care surgical and medical hospital located at Henley Beach. They have a long and successful history of providing medical services. 342 kWh PV system was deployed through Future X Power Purchase Agreement  to secure its future energy supply.


Based in Adelaide, Christian Brother College was founded 1878, It offers high-quality Catholic Education. The school secures energy-saving future with a 100KWh system at no upfront cost.

We are proud to be the green energy supplier for IBM Australia, the 100kWh system commissioned in early 2020 is helping the big blue to take a further step to manage its carbon footprint.

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At Future X we believe everyone should have access to clean affordable energy. We want to put the power back into your hands. That is why we offer our customers a fully installed solar solution without upfront costs!