Improve Your Rate of Return Through A Future X Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA)

If you own a factory, warehouse, shop, medical centre or office complex you would be familiar with leasing out floor space at a price per m².

With a Future X SPPA you can now rent out your roof space and receive additional income by sharing the revenue our solar system produces.

If you power a common area then you can also enjoy reduced electricity costs by purchasing Solar Energy at heavily discounted rates.

Zero Maintenance

Commercial and large-scale Solar systems require regular and on-going maintenance to keep the system operating at peak efficiency.

With Future X you no longer have to worry about maintenance, panel cleaning or warranty issues.

We take care of all the maintenance, cleaning and upgrades. The maintenance team regularly conduct inspections and testing to ensure the equipment is safe and is performing to maximum capacity. Our highly sophisticated remote monitoring also constantly scans your system for faults or declining output and alerts us if there is a problem. In the event of an abnormality, our team of specialists respond rapidly to rectify any issues

Zero Capital Outlay!

Future X owns the system so there is absolutely no out of pocket expense or on-going costs. We also deal directly with the tenants and look after all the network connection paperwork, installation, maintenance, cleaning, and insurance for the system.

We have the capability to install almost any size from 5kW to 5MW on commercial installations using highly efficient solar panels and state of the art inverters from global manufacturers which comply with AS4777. All systems and installations conform to Clean Energy Council guidelines and AS/NZS standards and for larger installations, a site-specific SWMS can be submitted for approval.

The racking system (what fixes the panels to your roof) is designed to last. We only use marine grade, high-strength aluminium profile with stainless steel fixing and install in accordance with engineered wind load specifications for your location.

Because no 2 businesses are exactly the same, our design engineers carefully analyse your tenant’s power bills and interval data for each separate site.  A Future X Solar System is then individually designed to meet their power demands and can be scaled up or down if their load or tenancy changes.


Additional Benefits

Reducing your lessee’s power costs through solar is a win-win for everyone and can help to reduce your risk!

If your lessee’s power bill is reduced through solar then they are more profitable and delinquent accounts are reduced. A Future X SPPA also assists in reducing your properties vacancy rate by both encouraging your tenants to stay longer and by providing a more attractive rental proposition to prospective tenants in a highly competitive market.

Solar is considered a value-added asset for your property and can be a major selling point when marketing your property.

Solar PV panels also provide an effective second layer of protection for your roof and are hail and storm resistant. Case studies have also shown that solar panels can reduce ambient room temperatures by shading your roof from direct sunlight.