Whether you’re a tenant, you own your home or you’re a landlord, we have a solution to suit you. Take control of your energy bill, or add value to your property and invest in a sustainable future by installing a solar solution today with no upfront costs

Residential Tenants

We understand that living in a rental property you would love to save on your energy bill but perhaps don’t see the point in investing in an expensive solar system on a home you don’t own. With Future X you can start saving on your power bill straight away and have a customised solar system installed for $0 upfront.

Residential Owner Occupiers

We know the cost of living is rising and a solar system could help you to lower your electricity bill. We also understand that the initial outlay for a solar system is not feasible for all home owners. A Future X PPA could help you see the benefits of solar power with nothing upfront to pay. We take care of the upfront costs and you see the benefits straight away!

Residential Landlords

Make your property even more appealing in the rental market by installing a customised solar system with a Future X and pay nothing upfront. With a Future X PPA you pay no upfront costs and for as little as $1 at the end of the PPA term you own the solar system, which your future tenants can benefit from also