There are over 3 million residential rental properties across Australia and less than 0.1% of these have solar. Now with a Future X Energy PPA, everyone can access the savings and benefits of the solar power system on their roof and all for zero capital outlay.

If you are a tenant, who has occupied your current property for several years or if you are planning to stay at the same address into the future and you want a lower power bill, contact us and we will discuss installing solar with your landlord.  If they say yes, we will install a system on your roof which costs you and your landlord absolutely nothing, and you can start enjoying lower power bills straight away. You simply purchase any power the system produces that you use, at a rate that is typically 30% below what you are currently paying for electricity.  We install, monitor, maintain, service and clean the system free of charge. You can just sit back and enjoy cheaper cleaner power.

We install the highest quality systems from 5kW to 10kW on residential properties. These use Tier 1 panels with hybrid inverters and have Emergency Power Supply (EPS) to help you through blackouts.