Zero Cost to you

Enjoy the savings and benefits of a solar power system on your roof for zero capital outlay. You only buy the solar power that you use at a rate that is significantly lower than typical residential retail electricity tariffs.

Zero Maintenance.

We install the latest high-technology tier 1 solar system on your roof-top at zero cost. Contrary to popular belief, solar systems are not set and forget propositions and every solar system requires ongoing monitoring and maintenance to function at maximum efficiency. 20% of all residential solar systems will experience a power loss fault in the first 12 months of operation. Over 60% will fail in the first 5 years (typically when warranties expire) and over 80% will have failed by the ten year mark.  It is normally the home owners responsibility (not the installer or solar providers) to rectify any issues. This can be complex and time consuming.  With Future X Energy, you can relax and just enjoy the savings as we completely take care of maintenance.  We fully monitor, maintain, service and clean the system.


The System

We install systems from 5kW to 10kW on residential dwellings. We use Jinko Panels, a recognised world leader in PV panels with class leading output, robustness and longevity. These are connected to your home with a top-quality hybrid inverter with Emergency Power Supply (EPS).  Unlike 95% of residential inverters, Hybrid inverters allow battery storage to be added to your system at any time, to further reduce your reliance on grid-based power supply and the associated higher cost of grid based power supply.  The EPS feature allows your system to continue delivering power to your property during brown or black-outs.  Standard inverters automatically shut down during power cuts.  If you have an electric hot-water system, we will also install a timer circuit so that your water is only heated via the solar system.  For most homes heating water accounts for around 40% of their electricity costs, so using solar rather than the grid will significantly reduce your power bill. We will discuss your typical power use throughout the year and design a system which provides all the power you require with the maximum possible savings for you.


The Deal

We install the solar system on your roof-top. You agree to purchase the power which the system produces which you use, typically at 30% below market rates.  The discount is guaranteed for 10 years and during that time we fully monitor and maintain the system.  After 10 years we gift the system to the home owner.

You can cancel or exit the agreement at any time (eg. when selling), or you can purchase the system outright at any time with system value based on a reducing scale over the term of the agreement.