If you own an investment property, your rate of return is crucial. With proposed changes to negative gearing, this will become even more important in the coming years. With a Future X Energy PPA, you can now earn additional income from your investment property by sharing in the revenue our solar system on your roof-top produces. This includes both the solar power your tenant purchases off us and the excess power the system sends back to the grid (solar feed-in).

There are over 3 million residential rental properties across Australia and less than 0.1% of these have solar. Now with a Future X Energy PPA, everyone can access the savings and benefits of the solar power system on their roof and all for zero capital outlay.  It costs you absolutely nothing to install and maintain, your tenant simply pays for the power that the system produces which they use, at a rate significantly below typical retail electricity tariff.

We install the highest quality systems from 5kW to 10kW on residential properties. The system is 100% monitored, maintained, serviced and cleaned by us. We handle all of the applications and paperwork and deal directly with your tenants.  The whole process and installation are quick, simple and easy. You can just sit back and enjoy the additional income the system provides you.

Additional Benefits.

Reducing your tenants’ power bill through solar can assist in reducing your properties vacancy rate by both encouraging your tenants to stay longer and by providing a more attractive rental proposition to prospective tenants in a saturated rental market.

Solar is a value-added asset for your property and can assist when looking to sell.

Solar PV panels, effectively provide a second layer of protection for your roof and are hail and storm resistant.  We guarantee that the installation or removal of our system will in no way damage your roof or home.